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Maintenance Tips for Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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Maintenance Tips for Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Latest company news about Maintenance Tips for Temperature & Humidity Chamber


Understanding of some maintenance tips for Temperature &Humidity Chamber will be useful for us to deal with


some small problems existing. The following will brief you with some maintenance tips for Temperature &


Humidity chamber:



1. As temperature & humidity chamber is normally quite valuable in price, so we suggest placing it in an


environment with quite proper temperature condition. 8℃~23℃ is suggested, and the lab that does not meet


this temperature conditions shall add proper air conditioner (air-cooling) or cooling tower (water-cooling);


2. We suggest arranging professional personal to manage this equipment. And those units, if possible shall


arrange special personals to supplier’s site for training and study irregularly so as to gain according


professional maintenance skills and experiences;


3. Clean the condenser regularly (every 3 months), the condenser of the chamber with air-cooling compressor


shall be maintained regularly and we shall clean the dirt and dust on condenser so as to ensure the good heat


exchange efficiency; and in addition to ensuring the inlet water pressure and temperature for the water-cooled


compressor, the according flow shall also be ensured and the inside of the condenser shall be cleaned


regularly so as to ensure its sustainable heat exchange efficiency;


4. Regularly( every 3 months) clean the evaporator( dehumidifier), as the items to be tested have various


grades of requirement for cleanness, and during the test, the evaporator (dehumidifier) will have some small


articles such as dust accumulated under forced circulating airing and shall be regularly cleaned;


5. Cleaning and calibration for circulating propeller and condenser: same as evaporator, as the chamber is


working in various environments, its circulating propeller and condenser will have much dusts accumulated


and shall be regularly cleaned;


6. Cleaning for water pipes and humidifier: humidifier is easily burnt if the water pipe is blocked and humidifier


have dirt accumulated and normally results in damage of humidifier, so the water pipes and humidifier shall be


regularly cleaned;


7. After every test, we shall set the atmospheric temperature for chamber and run it for 30min, then cut off the


power and clean the internal side of the chamber;


8. The relocation of the chamber shall be conducted under the instruction of the technician so as to prevent


from unnecessary damage;


9. The chamber shall be powered on for at least one hour regularly every 15 days if it is not used for very long




10. Principles for Maintenance: as the temperature & humidifier consists of electricity, cooling system and


mechanical system. The whole equipment shall be completely checked if any problem happens to the


equipment, normally, the analysis shall starts from outside to inside, which means that the possible problems


concerning with outside could be eliminated first such as cooling water, power supply system and so on. Once


the problem concerning with outside are completely eliminated, we shall disassembly the systems and then


conduct comprehensive analysis. And the root causes for faults could also be found out by backward tracing


method: check the electrical diaphragm to find out if the electricity system has problem then finally check if any


problem concerning with cooling system exists. No replacement of any disassembled part shall be done before


confirming root cause of the fault in case of the unnecessary troubles;


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