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Autumn Trip of Infinity Machine

Good quality Environmental Test Chambers for sales
Good quality Environmental Test Chambers for sales
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Autumn Trip of Infinity Machine

Autumn Trip of Infinity Machine
Autumn trip of infinity machine in 2015, two-day trip in Zengcheng and Conghua in Guangzhou city.


There we go for traveling!


With sunshine and first rays of the morning sun, We are starting to the first stop: Zengcheng White


Water Village Scenic Spot.


With white clouds and autumn breeze, song and laughter accompanying us all the way.
































Arriving in the first destination: White Water Village, we can’t wait to challenge climbing the highest


mountain in the south, which has 9999 steps.



White Water Village Scenic lies in Paitan town in Zengcheng city, covering an area of about 170km².


It is honored as magnificent jade in the Tropic of Cancer owning to its geographical location, and it


belongs to scenic spot of mountain type. There are many steep mountains and tall and straight peaks


inside it, and 9 peaks altitude is beyond 1000 meters, among which the highest is 1088 meters, it is


steep, tall and straight with features of magnificent, rare, dangerous and pretty.



White Water Village owns natural ecological resources of old-growth forest, shallow and wetland,


canyon and heavenly lake which are are in Guangdong province. And the most imposing is the White


Water Fall whose drop is as long as 428.5 meters, and it is the fall with biggest fall drop in mainland


of China. The fall has beautiful shape like fairy, and according to legend, it is the incarnation of


Immortal Woman He among the Eight Immortals. White Water Village is also a natural air anion bar,


the negative air irons in the waterfall region reaches 112,500/cc, ranking the first among scenic spots


in Guanddong province.


































Reaching the peak-holding a panoramic view of pretty scenery



































The second stop: Liuxi village in Conghua city, a small village full of original flavor, which attracts


people coming here to breath fresh air and feel simple folk custom, forgetting urban prosperity and


remove burden of life.





























The sea of bamboo and the quiet forest, the busy bridge and the running water, there are countless


rich fruits. Villagers here are all self-sufficiency, the small village becomes more lively after our joining,


and a cotton candy is a big joy for kids.







































The kids always have innocent smiles, adding much special joy to our journey.






















Autumn trip of infinity machine has a happy ending.

Expecting next interesting trip, we are more happy and passionate for your joining.

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